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Gain relevant skills to analyze large amounts of data, evaluate potential risks and achieve strategic objectives, be ready to tackle any challenge – and lead wherever you want to go.

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Pave your path to leadership with a unique, world-class education.

Through innovative curriculum, award-winning faculty and a hands-on learning environment, our online Master of Management, Risk and Analytics concentration (MRA) prepares you for careers in strategic planning, business continuity, innovation and development, logistics and supply chain, compliance oversight, risk advisory, enterprise-wide risk management and many more. 

Combining cutting-edge risk management and data analytics courses with real-world business application, the program provides a unique, unparalleled education that prepares you for today’s challenges and those emerging on the horizon – to ensure your organization’s long term success.

The Makings of a Good MRA Candidate

What candidates are a good fit for the MRA program? Are there any specific skills, backgrounds or experiences required? MRA program director Ericka Kranitz helps prospective students assess the program and determine whether it aligns with their career goals.