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Why Risk and Analytics?

Robust risk management and data analytics have become business as usual – and it’s time to keep up. Poole College of Management’s Master of Management, Risk and Analytics (MRA) will get you there. 

Prepare for a World of Uncertainty

Cybersecurity. Regulatory compliance. Labor shortages. Natural disasters. There are endless risks that can impact an organization, and the companies that will gain a competitive advantage are the ones that can successfully anticipate, plan for and navigate these disruptions through robust risk management programs.

That’s where Poole College of Management’s Master of Management, Risk and Analytics (MRA) comes in. Combining cutting-edge risk management and data analytics courses with real-world business applications, and supported by NC State’s globally renowned Enterprise Risk Management Initiative, our program provides a unique, unparalleled education that prepares our graduates for today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s, too. 

Why Choose Us?

See why the Master of Management, Risk and Analytics (MRA) program is the top choice for working professionals looking to jumpstart their careers with an advanced skillset in risk management and analytics:

For over two decades, the Poole College of Management has been at the vanguard of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) education, having established our influential ERM Initiative in February 2004. Our Master of Management, Risk and Analytics (MRA) program is enriched by distinguished faculty members from the ERM Initiative who are renowned worldwide for their profound expertise in risk management and analytics. These accomplished professionals are regularly sought after to provide strategic guidance to boards of directors and executive teams. Their insights help shape risk oversight and data-driven strategies that capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate the complexities of an increasingly data-abundant world.

Our ERM Initiative captivates a large international audience, attracting executives worldwide to our executive risk leadership workshops and generating hundreds of thousands of website views from thought leadership content. 

Students gain invaluable insights from faculty who bridge academic theories with industry practice, and from industry leaders who provide a direct view into the application of cutting-edge business solutions and best practices.

Ranked consistently among the top 20 by U.S. News & World Report, the Poole College of Management excels in business analytics. Supported by our in-house Business Analytics Initiative, we connect students directly with industry, ensuring that our curriculum is aligned with market demands.

Our dynamic curriculum encourages students to “Think and Do” by mastering software tools such as Jump, Tableau, and SAS, and delving into advanced topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). We are committed to integrating AI across all courses, offering specialized classes on managing AI projects, digital transformations, and implementing machine learning tools, preparing students for the technological landscapes they will navigate in their careers.

See how we’re integrating AI

Our program offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to complete their studies online at their own pace or engage in real-time through live classes. Additionally, students have the opportunity to join in-person networking and social events with peers across the Jenkins Graduate Programs, enriching their educational experience.

With competitive tuition rates in North Carolina and a curriculum designed to equip students with highly sought-after skills, our graduates are exceptionally well-prepared to advance their careers immediately upon completion. 

Our graduates leave the program ready to analyze vast data sets effectively, assess and manage risks strategically, and lead confidently in any setting.

Mark Beasley, director of the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative at NC State University, explains the rising demand among employers for expertise in risk management and analytics, as well as how NC State’s Master of Management, Risk and Analytics (MRA) program prepares professionals to excel in leadership and risk management positions.

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Build Relationships That Matter

Engage with industry leaders who have a front-row seat to today’s best practices and business solutions, and network with peers from every Jenkins Graduate Program (MBA, Marketing Analytics, Accounting).

Prepare for Leadership

We teach students to proactively identify emerging risks and strategically position their organization for success.

Learn From the Best

Our faculty advises C-suite executives and possesses deep research and thought leadership knowledge in both risk and analytics. The NC State ERM Initiative has been a leader in the risk management space for over 20 years. 

Accelerate Your Career

Demand for risk managers has never been greater, as more and more companies are increasing efforts to limit threats and promote organizational resilience. Our specialized master’s program prepares you for a variety of careers and gives you the tools to thrive.

Student advisors work with undergraduate students at the Poole College of Management. Photo by Marc Hall

I know a lot of superb data analysts and strong risk managers – but I don’t know of anyone who’s both. But that’s going to be me once I get this degree under my belt.

Tracy Edwards

Manager, PV Risk Management at Johnson & Johnson

Let’s get started.

Our graduates can identify, assess and manage organizational risks – including the ones worth taking. Are you up to the challenge?