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Category: Thought leadership

Jul 29, 2022

Bruce Branson Advises Businesses to Understand Sustainability Risks

Bruce Branson, professor of accounting, encourages businesses and consumers to pay more attention to environmental, social, and governance risks and to pursue open communication between risk leaders and the board of directors. 

Jul 20, 2022

Contingency Planning 101: Facing Unexpected Events in Uncertain Times

Landslides. Pandemics. IT failures. What do these have in common? All can be prepared for with contingency planning. A strategy employed by businesses to respond to future risk events, contingency planning helps businesses chart their course forward and come out stronger on the other side.  

Jul 20, 2022

Business Analytics and Data Science: What’s the Difference?

While often used interchangeably, data science is not synonymous with business analytics. Learn the difference between the two, and which path may be more suited for your professional background and career goals. 

Jul 19, 2022

Report Reveals Risk Management Processes in U.S. Organizations are Not Keeping Pace with Growing Risks

A new report issued today by the AICPA and the ERM Initiative found that 65 percent of senior finance leaders agree that the volume and complexity of corporate risks have changed “mostly” or “extensively” over the last five years. 

Jun 29, 2022

Success in Succession: Traversing Talent and Succession Risks

Following the onset of The Great Resignation, businesses around the world are in a war for talent — and for many, succession-related risks loom large. Here’s how they can minimize their succession risk and help recruit and retain top talent. 

Jun 17, 2022

Top Organizational Risks for 2022

The latest PNC Thought Leadership Series installment focused on current and future organizational risks, lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, key strategies for the future of the business industry and advice for the next generation of corporate leaders. 

Jun 13, 2022

Safer Sustainability: Mitigating Today’s Escalating ESG Risks

Companies around the world are learning that making strides in only one ESG category doesn’t cut it, and that when it comes to their sustainability efforts, a lot is at stake. 

Jun 6, 2022

Chain Reactions: Best Risk Management Practices for Ongoing Supply Chain Challenges

What’s behind the surge in supply chain issues? How can organizations identify supply chain-related risks on the horizon? And what can they do to manage their risks and come out stronger on the other side? 

chief risk officer

May 23, 2022

Running the Risk: What it Takes to be a Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Whether it’s protecting the organization’s reputation after an onslaught of customer complaints, or navigating disruptions due to semiconductor shortages, an organization relies on the leadership of its Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to weather the storms. 

May 13, 2022

The Happiest Place on Earth? A look inside Disney’s Tax and Non-Tax Battle with the State of Florida

Poole College accounting professors Nathan Goldman and Christina Lewellen take a closer look at the recent feud between the state of Florida and Disney.