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Career Services

Our Career Management Center (CMC) helps students land their dream jobs by offering highly-customized services that address each of their individual needs and goals.

Career coaching

The Career Management Center (CMC) team coaches students on how to communicate their newly-acquired value to their employers (current or future).

Students can schedule one-on-one coaching appointments with one of our exceptionally qualified executive coaches.

Flexible scheduling

Our career services are accessible through flexible time slots and formats to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

Boot camps

The CMC hosts boot camps each semester to help students develop their resumes, craft cover letters and build impressive LinkedIn profiles.

Professional assessments

The CMC conducts several assessments to help students identify potential growth areas and prepare for success, including an emotional intelligence assessment. Staff members on the CMC team are specially certified to conduct these assessments and can ensure you get the most value from the results.

A customized approach

The CMC team evaluates where each student is, where they’re headed and what’s most important to their professional development, and then customizes their approach to meet those needs.

Unlike the services offered to other graduate programs at Poole, including the Jenkins MBA, career services for the MRA and MMA programs are tailored to students’ specific interest in analytics.

Lifelong support

The CMC provides lifelong career support long after graduation, including career coaching and online services.


For any questions about the student services our team provides, please contact the Career Management Center (CMC) at